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FIA is a contemporary luxury brand owned by Funke(F), Ijeoma(I) and Abisose(A), a dynamic trio who birthed the brand in June 2015 and currently based in Lagos Nigeria. FIA is strongly inspired by unity in diversity amongst women all over the world. As a brand we create eclectic, artsy and quirky designs to push the imaginary boundaries of the FIA woman who is edgy and confident in her uniqueness. FIA is a resilient brand that has focused on originality and quality of the garments through the years to be recognized both locally and internationally.

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  1. FIA no imageNigeria
    Bomber Flap Jacket
    bomber flap jacket
    As low as $166.87
  2. FIA no imageNigeria
    Button Sleeve Jacket
    button sleeve jacket
    As low as $151.49
  3. FIA no imageNigeria
    Pocket Culottes
    pocket culottes
    As low as $132.45
  4. FIA no imageNigeria
    Two Tone Flap Midi Dress
    two tone flap midi dress
    As low as $161.01
  5. FIA no imageNigeria
    Two Tone Flap Jumpsuit
    two tone flap jumpsuit
    As low as $156.62
  6. FIA no imageNigeria
    X-Strapp Culottes
    x-strapp culottes
    As low as $130.99
  7. FIA no imageNigeria
    X-Strapp Jacket
    x-strapp jacket
    As low as $146.37
  8. FIA no imageNigeria
    X-Strapp Skirt Set
    x-strapp skirt set
    As low as $163.97

8 Items

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